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Cancer & Orthodox Medicine,
Planting Seeds of Doom

[Editor's Note: The first message below was posted at the Educate-Yourself Discussion forum on April 13, 2003. The follow-up e-mail explains in detail the manner in which this man's father's case was handled by the hospital's orthodox medical staff. This case is not unusual. Most late-stage cancer victims encounter this sort of treatment once they become imprisoned in a hospital.

In the opening message, the writer reminds us of one of the most depressing characteristic commonly experienced with orthodox medical practitioners when diagnosing serious cases - scaring the living BeeJessuz out of their patients and hurling a javelin of impending doom straight through their hearts. I can't tell you how often I hear or read of this. Orthodox colleagues might call it "poor bedside manners", but I call it unbridled stupidity coupled with an arrogance and ego the size of Manhattan Island. The very first thing I would do if I encountered a 'doctor' of the stripe mentioned below, is to detach myself from his or her care immediately. I don't want the care, or advice, or diagnosis of a such a person who has obviously lost their sense of humanity and empathy with humankind. Such people are mechanics. They belong under a car or attending to the repair of a printing press, but they shouldn't be allowed to come anywhere near a human being. They are products of a flawed medical education that teaches them a simplistic, mechanical/chemical view of biology. Over time, they become hardened to the idea of working on human 'machines' and acquire an assembly line mentality, devoid of spirituality or higher purpose.

Human beings are powerful, light beings (souls) encased within a human body to experience physical reality and hopefully acquire a few positive lessons during any given lifetime. Humans are NOT marvelous machines. Humans have an INFINITE CAPACITY to cure themselves of ANYTHING giving the right guidance, inner awareness, and connectedness to the God source. The impudence of these clowns to wound and decimate their patients with their dark and sinister declaration of approaching doom is an outrage and shouldn't be ACCEPTED or TOLERATED by the patient who is, after all, the person PAYING these jokers for their 'services'. Look to Naturopathy, look to Traditional Chinese Medicine, look to Ayurvedic Medicine, look to any therapeutic modality that is Nature-based if you want to resolve disease conditions, but for God's sake, don't entrust your life to a MECHANIC!...Ken Adachi]

From: Jim
April 13, 2003


This is my first email to this list, and in fact I just joined the other day. I have been reading the contents at for sometime now, and whole heartidly agree with many of the approaches, although have been reluctant to incoporate much of the intervention methods in my life up until now.

Largely this was the case because I have no outright debilitating de-generative disease, and changing lifestyle habits happens one step at a time. It was hard enough to begin implementing much needed diet changes in my life, much rather change completely what I thought I knew about health. Ultimately, what I've found is that when one earnestly goes down that path they come across much of what I found at, and in fact many times over from different sources. The truth, really is out there if you look for it!

My call for help at this point in time in my life, is not one for myself, but one for my father. Recently he came down with a pneumonia. Prior to this, his lifestyle habits were atrocious, and althrough diagnosed as a diabetic he never really changes the way he ate, and instead accepted the doctor's view of things and took a "pill". I'm sure we've all been there before, or knew someone who as.

Despite my efforts to show him the contrary approaches, his resistance to changing was strong. Consequently, through these choices and a variety of others he has now found himself where he is today. The pneumonia got so bad that there was a major buildup of fluid in one lung. We had to bring him to emergency, where they admitted him to hospital immediately. Upon doing a CT scan, and draining the one lung, they (the doctors) found several "spots" as they called them.

My beef was, and always has been, the manner in which these "health" care professionals present information like this.

It seems they are hell bent on taking away any kind of hope for a positive outcome, and plant the seed of bad news well in advance. It has been 1 week since the scan, and subsequent biopsy of tissue, and already three of these doctors have come and told my dad to "expect it to be the worse", already suggesting either removing a lung, or radiation/chemotherapy.

I was very angry with them when they told him this, because I could feel the fear that went through him. Is it naive to discredit the role of the mind in all of this? After all, this is precisely what these "professionals" are doing when they plant the seed of doubt, fear, doom, and constantly reinforce the highly charged word: CANCER.

After the doctor left, I constantly reinforced that she only said it "could be", and nothing more. Even if it was, I said that we can begin to implement restorative measures. I've already put him on high dosages of supplements (under the guidance of a naturopathic physician, and we've managed to get him off the morphine, sleeping pills, and stool softeners, and yes without the symptoms that those drugs are trying to suppress. In other words, his immune system is getting much stronger, as well as his mood and awareness.

What I am looking for here, is anyone who knows of success stories of people who have survived cancer or other degenerative diseases and the process they went through. At this point in time, I feel like I am up against not only the inner manifestation of the disease, but the external reinforcement in the guise of "medical" profession as well as those who have bought their agenda completely.

I've never disputed that medical doctors weren't good for certain things, however I simply can't ignore the fact that it has failed miserably with chronic conditions. There simply is too much evidence, and most importantly the power that people give up to this profession, willingly giving over their mind to play with. As I said, I've seen to much and am calling out for support of any kind, but most importantly the support of those who have faced and beaten even more serious conditions than this. What they did, and how they did it. I sincerely appreciate any help you can give.

Regards, Jim

----- Original Message -----
From: Jim
To: Editor
Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 2:20 PM
Subject: Re: How's Dad doing?

Hi Ken,

They killed him fast. As soon as they determined it was hopeless they came in and told him, repetedly, that he was going to die soon and to basically give up...stripped him of his will power and will to live alltogether and put him on high doses of morphine.

Bye, Jim

----- Original Message -----
From: Jim
To: Editor
Sent: Sunday, July 06, 2003 1:26 PM
Subject: Re: How's Dad doing?

You can add this too:

Week 1 -

Multiple Doctors (Because they are unable to come in one at a time, they send in a team of 5 or 6 to deliver bad news): Mr. "Smith", this looks REAAALLY bad, we think it's REAAALY bad.

Mr "Smith": (very worried and concerned), what do you mean? How bad?

Doctors: We think it is a tumor, but can't be sure, we don't know why there is fluid buildup in your lungs, but it is really bad, really bad.

Mr "Smith": (very upset, almost in tears). Is there anything that can be done?

Doctors: We don't know...but just keep in mind it's really bad, and we'll be back tomorrow with the results.

Well the next day it took another team of 5 lackey's and one of them to deliver the news that they believe they found spots in the liver as well. They don't know what the spots are, but they are pretty sure it's Cancer, and if it is Cancer, it's advanced..."really really bad". They must do a biopsy now to determine the extent.

Few days later, the results of the biopsy come, and indeed they say it is cancer (at least the spots in the liver were - adenocarcinoma). It is not the primary tumor, and adenocarcinomas usually start in the colon, but because he has had colon problems for 10 years now, and they are prolapsed and distended, there's no way to see all the folds in the wall, so we cannot tell if there is tumors there too.

The lung, they cannot be sure because no biopsy, but because there is fluid buildup, it's most likely spread to the lung. CT Scan says the brain is O.K.

Our GP comes in that night to tell him, again, that it is really really bad, and then says if they can they'll remove the lung, but there is nothing that can be done to the liver.

Now, there is no communication or option with regards to allowing him a part of the decision. She already has enough rapport with him to basically tell him what to do, and he does it.

At this point however, he is beginning to get skeptical, and that is most likely due to all the information I've been trying to pass on to him. He asks me what I think, but I cannot battle the daily brainwashing by 5 doctors...stone faced, with their white lab jackets and empty note pads, nodding their head "Yes...bad bad bad...die die die!"

Two years ago he was diagnosed with diabetes, the first sign of pancreatic failure. If you are familiar with Dr. William Kelley's metabolic approach ( to cancer, he maintains that ALL cancer is a result of pancreatic failure, because up until it fails it can effectively deal with the tumor masses that form by secreting enzymes that will digest it. However, when the body is so toxic that it begins to form too many, and with a poor diet, the pancreas becomes over worked and exhausted.

When my father was diagnosed with Diabetes, I told him that it was not a problem because with some minor diet changes and exercise t can be completely controlled. He denied and refused because his murderous, and negligent doctor, told him that all he had to do was take his pills and continue "enjoying life".

He believed his doctor, because she has a white lab coat on and titles on the wall that allow her to practice poison induction and murder without repercussion. She is backed by a strong lobby and insurance, with fraudulent "science", bought and paid for by big dollar pharmaceuticals. Outright lies propagated to an unwitting public because we are too naive enough to know that we are the biggest marketable commodity in the world. Our bodies are the best garbage dumps for toxin waste, while creating an environment where our tax dollars will subsidize drugs to deal with the symptoms and effectively killing us fast while extracting the highest amount of energy and money from you.

Not only that, but I now find out...three years later, that he has been on anti-anxiety pills for all this time too. He never told me because he knew I would be very anti-drug. I couldn't do anything about the diabetes pills, he was adamant about that, but to know that he was on another 6 unnecessary pills would have put me through the roof (figuratively speaking).

His anxiety was a result of a bad car accident in which he actually had to maneuver his car so that it would stop a sleeping driver from driving into the park full of young children. He did an honorable thing, a good samaritan by risking his life to stop a lady (who was likely on high doses of unnecessary drugs herself) from killing a bunch of children because she fell asleep behind the wheel.

It was quite a fast accident, and his breathing became shallow from the anxiety and stress. MD says, "take this pill." Not, get a massage, go to a sauna, take a hot bath, and breath in fully and exhale fully. Try this breathing method for 30 minutes a day, and your stress and anxiety will help normalize. Nope. "Take this pill!" And stay on it for the rest of your life!

Something that with a bit of consulting with any competent therapist could be reversed in hours, or days, but instead the GP puts him on anxiety medication, and he remains on this for 3 years - brilliant.

The side effects of the anxiety medication caused depression. Wow, what a roller coaster right?

Indeed, now he can begin taking depression medication. So in all, for the last three years he's been on diabetes medication, anxiety, depression, then something for high blood pressure, and gravol for the head "spins".

During this course, he develops vertigo, then his retina detaches, which she conveniently blames on the car accident. Hmmm...isn't retinal detachment a sign of advanced diabetes too? No, couldn't be that his diabetes is getting worse, but just in case...take more medication.

Me: "Hey doctor, what about Pop and the sugar?"

Well the diabetes pill will help regulate your blood-sugar, but just drink Diet Pop instead. Yes, no worries that it turns into formaldehyde in your brain, and also causes retinal detachment amongst a host of other problems. After all the ADA (American Diabetes Association) says it is better than sugar, because Monsanto paid them handsomely to say so. Incidentally they hold the patent on the newest diabetes drugs. Can you say:

Problem- REACTION-Solution

Problem - introduce a chemical that will heighten a disease


Solution - Have the $patient$ on the latest DRUG$ that will deal with the symptom that the chemical causes, long enough for it to cause another symptom and another drug can come to the rescue.

And you wonder why the pharmaceutical industry is the BIGGEST IN THE WORLD?!?!?

Back to the hospital: A few weeks go by, the MD's schedule an appointment with us. All 5 of them tell us it's advanced, there is nothing they can do but X-Ray him every 3 days to see if the fluid is still building up, and basically "keep him comfortable", because "quality of life" is most important. I'll tell you what their definition of "quality of life" is below.

If you have ever been in this situation, or find someone who is, NEVER EVER let them overdose them with Morphine, because that is precisely what it means, an overdose of a highly toxic and addictive drug that will shut your body down FAST.

It means that they acknowledge they are absolute failures at treating cancer, and that in these cases it is best to take the patient out as quickly as possible by over dosing them with morphine. In their opinion, quality of life means feeling nothing.

Do you know what morphine does to your body when it is administered in doses high enough to suppress all pain? Well it is basically toxic (as if we didn't know that) but in doses high enough to not feel any pain you are also unaware of the other side-effects of the body, or don't care:

* - Suppressed Respiration (brilliant for someone who has fluid build up in the lungs)
* - No Elimination because the peristaltic action of the Bowels are halted (therefore toxins can continue to build up and spread into the blood stream).
* - No Digestion because the motility of the stomach is halted and gastric secretions stop (so the patient is not hungry anymore).

So we deprive you of all nutrition and basic elements of life (oxygen), slowly. AND then kill the bodies ability to eliminate the toxin build up. Cancer is a result of high toxicity.

What was that about the Hippocratic oath?


Now we have the knowledge, education, and their very own oath with which to prosecute them with, because every stage of their battle against cancer is DOING HARM!

The cancer patient now has a situation where they are unable to breath enough O2, effectively making the anaerobic environment in which cancer thrives even more anaerobic. They are now not hungry, which makes them waste away much faster. And they can't eliminate, so the waste and feces builds up in the gut.

Yes, indeed all these things were readily apparent in my father.

When all else fails, blame the DISEASE.

Victim : "You guys are killing him faster!"

Doctor: "No it's the disease. Everyone in this situation progressed at that rate!"

Victim: "Right, everyone in this situation; stuck in a hospital where the communication is directed towards negative thinking and giving up. Where they can become more depressed. Where the drugs can help shut their body down, all the while they are battling a disease with a rather simplistic solution." So just BLAME THE DISEASE IN ALL CASES!

What was the most disturbing fact was that he did not complain of any pain except for the first two weeks when the fluid build up in the lungs was high. After they had done something useful and drained the lungs, the pain went away and he was refusing the morphine, but they took the tube out and put talcum powder in his lungs. This causes an inflammation in the lung tissue . Yes, it causes the tissue to lose some function by burning it with chemicals. The idea is that the tissue will necrose ( burn and turn hard) This will cause it to stick to the chest wall so that the fluid will stop building up in between the lung and the chest wall.

When I asked one of these brilliant mechanical yes men (MD's) where the fluid will end up going, she couldn't even look into my face and answer. Some bullshit about it probably stopping to build up. Doing a basic internet search proves that this is maybe the case in 10% of cancer victims, not a very good prognosis is it? Nope, but protocol calls for destroying more tissue, so these robotic retards follow it without any question...after all it is why they've been gifted these positions of high authority...less thinking, no questions, just do what you are told. Yes, our medical professionals are the biggest idiots on the planet, at least those who only think mechanically and cannot use their heart.

There are homeopathic remedies that can effectively deal with "lung weeping" in these instances, that are proven, but homeopathy is outlawed by the medical cartel because it dips into it's potential profit margin. So no money goes into funding SIMPLE SOLUTIONS!

These mechanical YES MEN (MD'S) even have the gall to wake my father up every morning to remind him he has cancer and that he is in bad shape, that he will die soon.


I know this because I stayed with him many nights.

It takes 5 of these ass holes it takes to deliver the news. One basically YELLS at you, while the other morons nod their heads and say "YES!", to everything the head moron tells you.

They stand around the bed with cold looks on their face, while the head ass hole says "MR Smith, you have cancer you know?"

Mr Smith: "Uh yeah, I know, can I go back to sleep now?"

Head Idiot: "Well we just want to make sure you know how serious it is because you are basically going to die!"

This happened EVERY MORNING, while these real important jackasses do their "rounds" undoubtedly delivering this kind of news to as many patients as is possible. Every once in a while one slips through the crack and gets better, and they have to bite their lounge and congratulate them. It's as if the real successes are failures to these "educated" men and women.

It got to the point where I pulled the doctor aside and told her it was unnecessary for her to ever come back.

Biggest Idiot: "I'm the doctor here, you better get that straight son! I'm in Charge!"

Me: "Uhm, I just got power of attorney over my father to make decisions about his health care, and if I see you in there again...ever...I'll also be seeing you in court!"

Well, I never saw her ugly face again, but it was too late anyhow. It was too late even by the time he had got into the hospital. The medical system had failed him 6 years earlier when he started to complain of the classic signs of cancer:

Muscular weakness
Mild Depression
Indigestion and improper elimination

But until you have an actual tumor mass that can be seen with a CT scan, which will NOT be provided until you complain of consistent pain in one area for months, then the CANCER will never be detected. At least by the conventional methods by which we put our trust in. Then again, that ensures the effective survival of this cartel and it's business.

Note: I'm not an oncologist, thankfully I'm not as stupid as these idiots who want to cut, burn and poison the hell out of you. In the course of the 3 months my father was in the hospital, I effectively digested almost every book, video, and alternative treatment approach out there. I spoke with hundreds of people who cured themselves of cancer. I spoke with many alternative practitioners who cured others of cancer. I spoke with many MD's that were bright enough to see past the bullshit and know of cures, yet bright enough to also know that they are unable (due to the pharma-cartel and it being in bed with the government officials that pass the laws) to advise their patients of them. As well as many MD's that have effectively flipped the bird to the pharma-cartel and it's murderous ways and went to the other side and are actually helping people.

Cancer is NOT a difficult thing to deal with. YOUR BODY CAN CURE ITSELF. If you rely on the medical profession to tell you that you have cancer, you will be told TOOO late. And, their protocols (medications and drugs) will most likely expedite the process to advanced cancer. There are other methods that you can use to detect this metabolic problem ahead of time and prevent it completely. The VERY best resource available can be found here:

It is free, and contains information on how to detect the beginning of cancer with a simple urine test. In fact, there may even be someone in your area that can help administer it, and if not, the instructions on how to do it and where to send the sample are within. $75.00 is a very modest fee for this kind of service. No need for expensive X-rays, CT scans, and drugs!

Dr Kelley maintains that cancer is a metabolic problem of pancreatic failure. No, the pancreas does not cause cancer, it just digests the improper protein metabolism that results in false placentas (tumor masses). However, when the system becomes overwhelmed with toxins and the causes of the cancer, the pancreas becomes over worked and exhausted. At this point, you need high doses of pancreatic enzymes, amongst other supplements that build up the immune system (714-X) to deal with the hormones that the tumor will secrete that kills the immune system. Once the cancer is again under control, you stay on a simple maintenance program and you will never get it again. I found a DC with advanced bone cancer that had spread to the lymph node. Not a good prognosis AT ALL! He was 82 years old, and suffice to say it could have been said that he was old and this was a natural progression. He didn't buy it, he felt young. He did Dr. Kelley's program. He is now 90, and still practicing chiropractic medicine. Proof that there is no need to ever accept death if it is not God's will at that time!

There are other herbal and homeopathic remedies that will help with toxin build up, and elimination, strengthening the immune system, etc, but the enzymes will be the main part of your cure. Rife therapy also works beautifully, and if you combine the two you are well on your way to cure.

Maintaining a more pure and live food diet will also increase your chances of a quicker cure and preventing the problem from ever beginning.

The connection is clear; live food digests itself because of the enzyme content, thereby putting MUCH less stress on your organs to help digest the processed and dead food. Elimination is then simple and easy. Your colon remains clean, and it's ability to reabsorb water is 100% functional, without reabsorbing toxic gunk from improper metabolism of dead food.

Too Simple? And why NOT? Dr Day puts it nicely:


Once the medical cartel gets a hold of you in the hospital, you are finished! That I can say for sure. My father's Will power was stripped from him. He had 20 X-rays in 8 weeks.

Wait, don't X-rays have a carcinogenic effect? Won't that help spread the cancer? Righto! But who cares, he's dying anyway, and we need these statistics for our cartel masters to manipulate!

I guess that could explains the cancer that developed on his face and scalp, even on his back and chest?


But to them it's just a progression of the disease in which their protocols have NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!

He was on high doses of morphine because they determined he was a goner, and made sure they were right. Morphine has an angiogenesis effect. Yes, that is correct, it helps to build blood supply to the cancer and that helps the cancer grow and steal your nutrition.

Morphine is legal heroine. It kills, but you don't feel it. They'll blame the disease all the way, repeating rhetoric such as:

No, there is no danger that the victim will get addicted to morphine when it is used for pain. Huh? Morphine is an opiate, it suppresses and halts your own production of pain killers, the natural endorphins of the system, this way you continue to need higher and higher doses to suppress the pain. Higher doses = more side effects mentioned above = a quicker death.

But they say, "no you can't get addicted to it, when it is used for pain!" LOLOL.

Does that mean there is some secret physiological mechanism that gets set off when the pain-gate is open, and we are experiencing pain, that stops the body from getting addicted to the drug?

Uh, ask an MD who uses that bullshit with you, and they'll start talking about "quality of life."

Then ask them if quality of life means someone starves to death, or stops breathing, and they'll say "no pain".

OK. I see, why not get a shot gun and put a hole in their head then?

That's true compassion, and quality of life according to your definition. Poisoning them to death, starving them to death, and suppressing their breath of IS NOT QUALITY OF LIFE, IMO!

This one really made me smile:

Doctor: "No it is not the morphine that causes the side effects, it is the way the drug is broken down and it's sub constituents!"

How's that for double-speak spin "doctoring" bullshit?

"Uhm, excuse me Doc, but basically you just said it IS BECAUSE OF THE DRUG!"


"Then they'll pull rank and talk 'sternly' to you! Until you stand up, look them in the eye and ask them if they would like to continue the discussion without their title and name tag outside!"

But don't blame him because he's not smart enough to see past the lies. He's been victimized himself, but he feels important because he has a title and power. Ha! Fool!

NEVER EVER let a doctor pull rank and over talk you. YOU employ them. Use the law if need be to ensure that they don't just experiment with your body.

"Uhm, doctor, I feel the morphine is killing him faster!"

"Well, whenever we get a new patient in, the combination of (poisonous pain killers) drugs is an experiment!"

LOL, lovely! They needed no pain killers in the beginning, but as you began to (as you eloquently put it) "experiment" with their body, their pain become worse. Their breathing became worse. There will to live lessened, and all the while there were alternatives that could have saved them if we could get them out of your death institute, but that was unavailable because YOU refused to leave the drainage tube in them long enough for use to take them home and begin using real therapy. Without the drain tube, the fluid would continue to build, etc, etc.

Yes it was a sticky situation all around, and it would have INDEED taken A LOT of energy, attention, and time to have reversed it at the point it had grown to, however all in all you should be able to see the clear message.


There are so many alternatives, and many that work.

Cancer needs an anaerobic environment to grow in (lack of oxygen)!

Cancer is also result of improper protein metabolism!

Cancer is also a result of an overly toxic internal environment!

Doing something as simple as pranayama breathing will be more beneficial for cancer prevention (perhaps not cure, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure), than any drug or vaccine in the world.


You maintain an oxygenated system in which O2 is the single biggest weapon against toxic buildup, microbes, parasites, etc. Your tissues heal faster and there is less of an environment for these bastards to build up in them and take over your body.

Cancer thrives on sugar, which is why if you get Type II diabetes you better take it damn serious because Cancer is right around the corner. For that go here:

All cancer victims are over-toxic.

Read Dr. Day's eating protocol. (
Read Dr. Kelley's metabolic approach ( (on line book: )
Read about Dr. Royal Rife and his simple machine that kills cancer cells. (
Read about Dr. Naessens 714-X, which is the best formula out there for building your immune system.
Read Dr Guylains medical mafia if you need to be convinced that there is a concerted effort to kill as many people as they can while making as much money as is possible.

Yes, Dr. Kelley is right. WW III has started, but we don't know about it. It started before WW II. WW II was just to enact certain regulatory boards that we again put our trust in.

What could be worse than a United States dictating to the world, but a United "NATIONS", WITH the same power and teeth. More centralized power, more control, and the fear that we are targets of a few unintelligible nomads in the desert? Ha! Whatever!

Educate yourself! Do it now, spread the word. Don't let them take your loved ones without a fight, and the fight will not be won in their institutions (hospital, law courts, jails, government, etc,etc,etc).

It will be won without resistance.

What? How can you win without fighting? Oh, in this world of dualities that reign supreme, turn the glass upside down and see through the bullshit. You can't fight fire with fire, it just makes more fire!

It will be won by increasing your awareness. Losing your fear. Learning the power of saying NO, and removing yourself from the claws of their fear machine, their system.

Sounds like a hollywood script? And why not. The more fantastic you can make it, the less people that will listen.

Well enough of a socio-politico-spiritual rant. Sometimes you have to experience it before it fully hits you of the seriousness of this situation we are finding ourselves in. It had to happen to someone close to me, indeed.

Although I knew and believed before, there was still some element of skepticism. No longer.

Be wiser than I was, and learn from this. Look into the resources that have been given you in this article alone. Spread to all that you know need it, and remove yourself from the system each day with small steps.

Join educate-yourself mailing list, and keep informed!

Say NO to organize pharmaceutically controlled and manipulated medicine!



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