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Message From Matthew, May 23, 2005

By Matthew Ward via Suzanne Ward <>
May 23, 2005

[Editor's Note: Read the Matthew introduction ( to understand who Matthew is and the nature of the communications with his mother]

Suzanne: Matthew dear, hello again—this time from the computer!

MATTHEW: Another hello to you, dear soul, and I welcome this electronic greeting. I see the stack of emails with questions you have printed out, but before we address those, I wish to impart words from the “heavenly hosts,” if I may—members of your spiritual family who are aware of happenings of grand portent that are not yet visible to most of you.

What is becoming noticeable, however, is that the shackles on mainstream media reporting are loosening, and there is heartening dissemination of information such as the articulate, persuasive testimonies of respected individuals that are bringing to the fore facts that until recently were treated as mindless speculations of “conspiracy theorists.” Not yet that noticeable are the tyrannical governments that are beginning to crumble—not only those publicly reported because there is too much evidence to keep the truth suppressed—and in other countries, spiritually aware leaders are holding tight to their reform agendas despite dark efforts to undermine them. The economies of several nations that are major players in the international economy are unraveling from the Illuminati stronghold, and even though the massive fortunes are yet to be dislodged for once and for all, relatively soon money will start trickling down to the areas where it is desperately needed. Proposed laws adversely affecting planetary environment and life forms are being opposed by increasingly influential individuals, and those whose main concern is “Can Earth survive human onslaught” can confidently focus their energy on restorative developments. Witnessing extraterrestrial presence has become more widespread, and convictions that these are benevolent, even assisting, forces have become far more prevalent than belief to the contrary. A multitude of hearts and minds are opening even as you are writing my words, and we see energy streamers of positive expectation rising from Earth light workers as never before.

While some of these developments are being made known, primarily via Internet reports of eyewitnesses, movers and shakers, and people keenly attuned to energy or with celestial sources, much of the major activity is still in progress behind closed doors. You may remember that several months ago I said that irrefutable evidence of the progress of light-based activity could come as early as June, and I am elated that the energy field of potential is upholding our optimism in this respect.

Mother, the crucial aspect of these developments is that they have been set in motion by the focused desire and intent of Earth’s people! The more you have asked for the kind of help that is inherent in love, the more abundantly you have received this healing energy—the most powerful force in the universe. So many of you want peace and compassion, understanding and forgiveness, fairness and justness for all that by the laws of the universe, it cannot be denied! So many have sent forth this kind of love-light energy in prayers that your power of manifestation is achieving what you want! It could only happen in this way because Earth is your homeland, and regardless of the boundless love your “space family” in spirit and in physical feel for you, only you could have set your course for deliverance out of the darkness that so long has held you captive in ignorance and deception.

S: Definitely, hearing this is welcome! But Matthew, there still are realistic situations of grave concern, like a United States attack on Iran that could provoke the involvement of other major countries and the global effects of depleted uranium and the toxins in chemtrails.

MATTHEW: Mother, I believe it was as long ago as year when I told you that Iran was intended to be your government’s next point of conquest. At that time it seemed that this would be unavoidable because only energy clearly focused on that intention was in the field of potential. Since then two factors have come into play—energy opposing that intention and the US presidential administration’s unanticipated military difficulties in Iraq. The situation with Iran is unlike Iraq, where no amount of peace rallies and marches, war protests and prayers could divert the amassed energy of dark intentions. At this point it is possible that the massive light being generated by peace-loving people of Earth and the light being beamed by your space family can penetrate the souls who are determined to carry conquest to a new stage. This would not be in a denial of their free will, which you know cannot be done except in those very specific circumstances that I have often mentioned—no nuclear detonations in space or terrorist attempts on the scale of 9/11—but by the light reaching decision-makers who formerly were in the dark camp. The momentum of civil and international wars will have to be played out as the energy cannot be abruptly cut off, but invasion of Iran still may be circumvented. The dark thought forms directed toward this have not reached conclusive, or inevitable, momentum, and even though these thought forms cannot be destroyed, they may respond to softening by the growing power of light thought forms.

As for the health effects of the toxins from numerous sources, with depleted uranium and germ warfare agents of the most concern, the technology of our space family is continuously at work to diminish the pollution of air, seas and land, and this will continue as one means of elimination. The other is, after Earth has reached a certain vibration, none of those contaminants can survive because their energy composition is only within lower frequencies. Depending upon the severity of the toxic effects on bodies, light-receptive individuals with the strongest immune systems can be healed in the higher vibrations, and those whose immune systems have been seriously compromised will not survive physically.

S: Is that in the soul contracts of all who have died or will die from exposure to these toxins or radioactivity? Was this kind of weaponry and widespread lethal pollution even known when the contracts were made? And what about the babies being born with terrible deformities?

MATTHEW: Soul contracts don’t necessarily specify the means of physical death, but rather the number of years needed to fill gaps in previous lifetimes, and most of the individuals who are dying from these forms of pollution are experiencing what they chose insofar as longevity. As for the babies coming in with illness and deformities, for them and their parents this is concentrated karma they chose to achieve balance so that these incarnations will be the last they need within third density. Yes, Mother, I know this seems harsh, as if these are being simply explained away as pre-birth agreements with little consideration of the human suffering and family tragedies. Even when one can mentally accept that any embodiment is but a speck of eternal life and each speck is chosen by the soul and is purposeful, it is much more difficult to FEEL this in the midst of such massive affliction.

It is in situations like these and others where suffering and dying in inhumane circumstances beyond your comprehension that we ask—plead!—for you to separate the perpetrators from their actions. NEVER is it cause for you to approve of the actions, but what is devoutly hoped is that you will send forth love-light energy to heal the dark souls—that is what brings about the changes you are praying for and working toward! The power of your love-light thought forms, which come from your thoughts, feelings, words and actions, is what creates the Earth of your intent. Remembering that no soul is separate from any other and none is separate from the Supreme Ruler of this universe, at soul level there is desire for humanity to evolve spiritually. Conscious awareness of this truth and applying it to your life is part of the spiritual clarity needed for your own evolution.

Now, Mother, we’d better get on to those questions. With consideration to your concern about length due to the limitations of some computer systems, we’ll cover what we can and save the others for the next message or I’ll reply separately to the writers.

S: That’s fine, Mash. There are a bunch of questions that are related and it seems a good place to start.

MATTHEW: Yes, but there’s no need to type all the questions you have clipped together as I know them, so this is to all who are asking if their various activities are “generating enough light” or what more can be done to help Earth. First I say, everyone can help by staying steadfast in the light and envisioning Earth in the golden glow of love and peace! Many of us have sent word that each of you chose to fill a specific role in this lifetime, so follow your heart as it leads you to participate in light-filled endeavors. Support to the extent possible some of the myriad light-based projects and programs. We understand that not all have monetary resources to help fund these or the time or mobility to actively participate, so please know that in itself, heartfelt desire to see these reform efforts succeed radiates light. And everyone can spread light simply in small acts of kindness, cheerful words and genuine smiles in greeting any soul.

Yes, signing petitions that promote positive developments is indeed effective because of the collective energy put forth, so please don’t feel that your efforts are futile because the objectives of the petitions may not be met immediately. Participating in groups of light workers with a common focus does indeed produce positive results exponentially, just as group meditation does. Every activity that assists needful persons generates light both in the giving and the receiving, so collecting clothing and helping at food banks for the homeless definitely is worthy. Yes, starting a vegetarian diet “to boycott brutality to food animals” is a light-producing action because of its intent, and working to end the unconscionable treatment of all animal life is vitally important. Do not hesitate to speak about your faith in the healing power of love, as this ignites a spark for contemplation, but yes, please only offer your belief because persistence may alienate those who simply are not ready to grasp this spiritual truth.

Mother, now I’d like to make an inclusive comment with respect to the several questions about religions, their founders, the best path to enlightenment, prayer, and tithing. First I say, spirituality, or the path to enlightenment, is not the same as “being religious.” Spiritual awareness, like conscience and intuition and the capacity for telepathic communication, is inherent in the soul and thus is the birthright of everyone.

All religions are manmade institutions that even if begun in good intent to foster spiritual understanding, soon succumbed to the most powerful voices whose self-serving pedantic teachings subverted the truth of who God is and your inseparable godselves. No religion is free of Illuminati infiltration at its peak; no religion is all “right” in its beliefs and rites or, except for Satanism, none is all “wrong”; and no religion in its current structure and creed will emerge as The Church. When the truth about the origin of various religions’ dogma comes forth, there will be the separating of the wheat from the chaff and genuine spirituality will be the unification of souls.

The essence of the founders of major religions—or more accurately, the messenger souls who were sent to tell the truth of God and each godself—is of the Christed energy realm, and none is superior to any other. They consciously knew their soul contracts and are to be revered for fulfilling them; however, their teachings were deliberately distorted and subsequently so relayed through the ages, with Eastern religions adhering more closely than any others to the authentic messages.

“Is tithing a religious law designed by church potentates?” Oh yes, it is exactly that. Generously sharing one’s resources is indeed godly, but that was not the intent of tithing. The same few people who ruled the early church also ruled the state, and they quickly saw that to wield absolute power, they needed to control people’s minds and money. Therefore the laws they contrived mandated that ten percent of all money or goods must be given to the church, which not only enriched the powerful few, but further cemented their hold over the populace. Truly beautiful huge structures were erected and adorned with exquisite items of religious nature—these were enabled by considerable sacrifices of the poorest as the price of their entitlement to worship as decreed by the church potentates.

But church is not a building—it is all within the soul. It is one’s personal relationship with God or whatever name you choose to call the Supreme Being of this universe. And prayer, which reaches the Source of All by whatever name, is actually how one lives—prayer is the energy of every thought, feeling, motive, word and action. When these are based in love, the radiance is beautiful to behold! If one wishes to pray for a soul at a specific occasion or even have a constant prayer registered, “for their highest good” is the most meaningful and really the most accurate sentiment because you don’t know what is in their soul contract. “For my highest good” is the most effective prayer for oneself, too.

Mother, I believe I have covered everything that was asked, so what is next?

S: I think this one fits well at this point: “What does Matthew mean when he says, ‘We are living in an illusion?’ Does each person have his or her own reality or do we all share one reality?”

MATTHEW: By definition an illusion is deceptive, something perceived as real but without basis in reality. The illusion of third density is that there is this one life on Earth, then you die and afterwards, according to many, there’s a nebulous place that’s either a blessed or a hellfire-and-brimstone “afterlife” where you stay forevermore. The reality is that this is but one of many hundreds or many thousands of experiences of a soul that is living in many different forms and locations simultaneously in the universe. The illusion is that you are your body, your personality, your characteristics, your feelings, your achievements, and incidentally, you have a soul that goes God only knows where when you die. The reality is that you are the soul, a part of God, inseparable from Him and all other souls in this universe; you are having the physical experience that you chose to balance other lifetimes; and you are an eternal being. The illusion is, according to one’s religious affiliation, that the Supreme Being of this universe is correctly portrayed only by your religion and His laws as interpreted by your religion are absolute. The reality is that the Supreme Being of this universe is subordinate to Creator, the Supreme Being of the cosmos; He is an amalgamation of all souls, all life forms, throughout this universe and He knows every thought and feels every feelings of every life; He cannot interfere with Creator’s law of free will when souls veer from their pre-birth agreements so it is not His “will be done”; although we commonly say “He,” God, or the Source by your name selection, is the epitome of androgyny, the perfectly balanced male and female energy; and He didn’t devise religions—a few of his misguided godself parts did. The illusion is that evil is the opposite of godliness. The reality is that darkness is the absence of light, the absence of love and spiritual clarity. The illusion is that Earth is a small, solid planet whose residents are the only verifiable intelligent life in the universe. The reality is that Earth is a soul with a planetary body that is home to beings within, on and above her, and her surface residents for the most part are far less advanced spiritually, intellectually and technologically than many other civilizations.

Yes, each soul has his or her own illusion as it pertains to self, every facet of the lifetime, planet Earth, and the Source of All, but ultimately all will share the same universal reality.

S: Thank you—I hadn’t thought that deeply about this difference. Here is another group of related questions—it’s understandable that this is a hot topic. What is the purpose of uprooting our economy by instituting some new system? What is the new monetary system and how will it affect the present one? How will the redistribution of wealth affect the housing market in the US? What is the best way to protect one’s assets as the economy goes through changes? If the US economy really is bankrupt as Matthew says, how can it still be operating? Won’t a sudden change in our economic base result in chaos?

MATTHEW: Mother, I’ll try to give a brief explanation that will cover all those questions. Although they pertain to the US economy, ultimately the consequences will benefit your entire world because this is foremost a humanitarian issue that only through economic means can be accomplished. The grossly inequitable allocation of money and natural resources globally has to be dramatically changed so that the many impoverished nations can provide decent living standards to their people, and since the United States is the wealthiest and most powerful nation, the change must start there. Basically, the fortunes amassed illegally and immorally by the few most powerful people on Earth will be legally withdrawn and redistributed among the billions living at bare subsistence level. It is realistic to anticipate that the great changes required to achieve this will affect every aspect of economic life in “privileged” countries, but in most cases, the effects will be beneficial. Remember, the universal law of “like attracts like” in manifesting always applies, so focus on having what you want, not on the lack of what you need.

Confusion usually accompanies a change of major proportions, so it is realistic to anticipate that initially some confusion will occur. However, plans for instituting the new monetary system in the United States provide for an orderly transition, and the domino effect on other nations will be orderly as well. The present system, which has been in effect for nearly a century, is the Illuminati’s Federal Reserve System and its issuance of Federal Reserve notes that have no real value whatsoever. Billions of dollars or their foreign equivalents continuously are being transferred from one point to another via computer transactions without any tangible currency exchanges. Trillions of these “smokescreen” dollars are funneled into Illuminati hands through their manipulation of stock markets, usurious loan rates, tax systems, “charitable” foundations, and proceeds from their CIA “black ops” illegal drug industry; and they are hoarding multi-trillions more in actual tangible fortunes, including most natural resources worldwide. So not only is there no stable foundation for these paper notes or the computerized dealings, but their dark nature cannot continue to operate in the new level of light vibrations on the planet.

The new monetary system actually isn’t new—different bills, yes, but it’s a return to the previous system wherein precious metals was its standard. There likely will be market value adjustments all the way from the stock market to real estate to groceries, but since the adjustments will affect everything with a price tag, there will be no severe disparity to create undue hardship in any area as so obviously exists now.

Mother, I believe that will satisfy all the questioners. What do you think?

S: Give me a minute to read it. …. OK, thank you. I think you covered everything. So, next is, Please give your opinion of stem cell research.

MATTHEW: For those who are pondering whether the benefits would outweigh the potential for abuse, know that the information is filtered from advanced civilizations to selected Earth scientists who have the desire to prevent or treat or cure conditions for which there is no current means. Like any other knowledge, this can be used for good or for ill, but with light’s dominance on the planet, this research, once perfected—and this will be sooner than projected—will be used in positive avenues until no longer is there a need for this remedy because disease and genetic abnormalities will be only a part of your recorded history.

S: Have cell phone towers been designed for the ultimate purpose of mind control?

MATTHEW: The phones themselves, not only the towers, have dual dark purposes. Tracking and surveillance is one, and the more insidious is the interruption of normal brain wave activity that results in making thinking processes more amenable to accepting and acting upon information without questioning. In this it is a form of mind control, but not the direct measure of implanting programmed microchips or the draconian methods of deprivation, torture and brainwashing.

S: Well, I can’t imagine that people will give up the convenience of these phones, Matthew, and since there are millions of them in use, how can we overcome their effects on our brains?

MATTHEW: You can’t if you continue using them. The light being beamed from off-planet is alleviating but cannot eliminate those effects; however, when Earth and her light-receptive population are completely within fourth density, the prevailing frequencies will heal the damage. And with this ascension, in addition to telepathy, technology also will offer vastly improved communication modes.

S: I see—thank you. Are “far infrared rays” used in saunas and deep heat apparatus harmful to a person’s soul?

MATTHEW: Nothing is harmful to a soul except nuclear explosions in space, which shatter and scatter the cumulative experiencing, and repeated decisions made knowingly and willingly that interfere with the growth of one’s own or another’s soul. Artificially produced electromagnetic currents of any sort can harm bodies correspondingly to their intensity and frequency. Contrary to your popular conception, sun rays are greatly beneficial—it is the chemicals in ray-preventive lotions that are harmful.

S: I just read that this morning, about the lotions. Are the scientists right who claim the greatest threat to the planet’s survival is global warming?

MATTHEW: Mother, please tell my brothers and sister about the lotions. Now then, global warming is misunderstood. The variety of happenings—such as record temperatures, free-floating ice sections that once were parts of massive solidly iced areas, the hole in the ozone layer, and prevalence of geophysical events—all are in aid of planetary cleansing and the return to a moderate climate worldwide. These conditions are the products of third density polarity, which is shifting environmentally just as souls are shifting spiritually as Earth continues to rise into higher vibrational planes.

S: Do the light beings living within Earth have a tie with Atlantis?

MATTHEW: No more so than many of you who are living on the surface. Most souls inhabiting Earth, whether on or within, lived in Atlantis and/or Lemuria, and some of you are on the planet now specifically to balance those lifetimes, just as you and others have done in your past and are continuing to do in different life forms and locations in the universe. Yes, Mother, I know that sounds confusing, so just a reminder here that all experiencing, which in linear time is past, present or future, is happening NOW in the universal continuum.

S: OK, dear. Someone who wrote about a father and son whose boat entered inner Earth at the South Pole and they lived with the inhabitants there for several years, asked if “humanity started inside Earth, if this was the biblical Eden, and if it was from there that Adam and Eve were thrown out?”

MATTHEW: The population seeding programs started on the planetary surface long before Earth was so named, and the Eden aspect came later, with the advent of the various extraterrestrial civilizations imparting their DNA and high degree of spirituality to the previously introduced human root stock. However, it could be said that Eden does exist in inner Earth because the highly evolved souls living there have created this natural beauty and harmony. Adam and Eve are truly mythical, unlike some of Earth’s life forms considered such, like the mermaid and mermen, satyrs and dragons, all of which were created from combining human and animal DNA.

Mother, I feel your concern that once again, a message is exceeding the desired length, so I shall end now by extending to all the divine love of the universe and my personal love, caring and closeness with every kindred spirit.

S: Thank you, sweetheart. I’ll be back soon for your replies to the rest of the questions. I love you!

Suzanne Ward




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